Time Capsule Opening

Oak Casket
Oak Casket

August 4 2014 was the day that a 100 year old time capsule located in Royal Mail’s Dundee East Delivery Office was opened as part of the city’s commemoration of World War I.

The discovery of the historical treasure chest came about as Janice Kennedy was researching her family history.

She said: ‘It was quite emotional when I was invited to go and see it. It was in a beautiful oak cabinet with a brass plaque on it. The plaque said the box was to be opened by the postmaster in the presence of the Lord Provost of Dundee.’

Since the find the post office, Dundee City Council and representatives from the army have all taken an interest and the opening of the box will form part of the city’s commemoration of the Centenary of the start of World War I.

It was thought, prior to opening that the box contains a large number of letters, newspaper cuttings, photographs, as well as coins and stamps. Janice said: “We’ve got something quite unique and different to anywhere else in the whole United Kingdom. We have been given a gift. “We don’t know who wrote those letters and that’s really exciting. There were no photocopies in that time so they were giving up something really precious. “Out of respect to those people it is only right their instructions should be followed.”



Photgraphic Galleries of Time Capsule Contents

  • David DickieDean of Guild
  • War Memorial Committee 
  • Shrine Ticket 
  • Presentation to Dr. Greig 
  • Dundee’s Tank 
  • Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl HaigIn Dundee, 1920
  • Old Dundee 
  • Lamont letter 1
League of Nations Essay Envelope


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